For the past 3 years, I have been studying herbalism.  I have been learning how to identify herbs in the wild and in my own back yard.  The classes have helped me to improve how to find the herbs I need and to formulate them into medicines for healing.  I have been able to create a balm for sore muscles.  I have also created glycerides infused with herbs for the healing of aches, pains and the detoxing of the liver.  I have also created tinctures for the use in healing.  My final year in 2017 will be clinicals, in which I will learn to assess people’s conditions and determine what herbs will aid in their healing. 

I am currently enrolled in a correspondent class with Midwest School of Herbal Studies in New Brighton, MN.  The director/owner is Matthew Alfs.  I am also enrolling in my 3rd year of clinical studies with Bonnie Kreckow of Simply Natural in Winona, MN. 

I believe that my herbals studies will not stop here.  As with any aspect of my education, I never stop learning!  The plants will keep teaching me!